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Truth About Animal Testing

Animals and humans are different. We understand that the purpose of animal testing is to ensure that humans will not receive or use harmful substances, but how can we ensure that animal testing will prevent this from happening? We can't. But... Continue Reading →


My Favourite Cruelty Free Makeup

Eyeshadow The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is my holy grail eyeshadow palette. It has all the perfect transition shades, glitter shadows, neutral colours and is extremely pigmented. This palette has everything to create a natural everyday look to a... Continue Reading →

9 Drawings Worth A Thousand Words

Animal Testing Four arms and a bulging eye. Animal testing causes animals to languish in pain, ache with loneliness, and crave for freedom. All they can do is sit and wait in fear for the next terrifying and painful procedure... Continue Reading →

Focus On Faith: God Against Cruelty

For all catholics or christians out there, God entrusted the care and use of all creation to mankind. This means that God allows humans to use animals for food, clothes and other necessities, but it is also our responsibility to care... Continue Reading →

Black History Month: Russell Simmons

For black history month, I would like to talk about one powerful individual who has made a huge contribution to the animal rights community. Russell Simmons is a successful American entrepreneur, producer and author. He is also the Chairman and CEO of... Continue Reading →

What Not To Say To A Vegetarian

I have lived 5 years of my life being a vegetarian and I feel like I have heard it all. I have noticed that there seems to always be a pattern in of what people say or ask when they... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Easy-To-Make Vegetarian Meals Using Yves

For me, I had no problems with being able to stop eating meat all at once but for others it is not as easy. Switching from a regular diet to a vegetarian diet can be stressful. For some, it can seem... Continue Reading →

Cruelty-Free Mascara Reviews

When searching for cruelty-free makeup, make sure to do your homework. There are many makeup brands that say they are cruelty-free but aren't. Most, if not all makeup brands that sells their products in China, test on animals because animal testing... Continue Reading →

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